The Imaging Source Industrial Cameras in 'Jugend Forscht' Competition

Published on June 22, 2009 by TIS Marketing.

The Imaging Source would like to congratulate Steffen Strobel - a young German student - for winning the renowned competition Jugend Forscht (Youth Research). He won the Chancellor Prize for his work in the project Blick in die Blutbahn (Looking Inside The Bloodstream) in the category mathematics and computer science.

Steffen has developed and submitted a near-infrared CCD system, which allow the operator to see underneath the human skin. His system deploys the monochrome FireWire camera DMK 21AF04, manufactured by The Imaging Source and an IR filter.

His project can be summarized as follows:

It is very annoying for a doctor, if s/he is not able to find a patient's vein and for the patient, it can be very painful. The system developed by Steffen Strobel can be used to avoid the doctor having to try multiple times, before giving an injection. An infrared camera, connected to a PC is used to inspect the hand. The camera is able to examine under the patient's skin. In order for this to work, the talented young scientist (20 years old) has written a sophisticated software application, which allows the operator to see the patient's veins on a monitor.

Below is a photo of Steffen, together with his award winning system. The image is reproduced here in The Imaging Source Blog with the kind permission of Jugend Forscht e.V. - the association, which organizes the competition:

To learn more about the camera used in this project, please take a look at: