Microscope Camera: Special Features and Components

Published on August 16, 2016 by TIS Marketing.

Originally published in Mikroskopie in January 2016, this article was written by J. Piper and M. Torzewski. The English translation, written by Amy Groth, was serialized into: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Special Features

The camera is comprised of three main components which are delivered pre-assembled by the manufacturer. The cube-shaped camera body (Fig. 1a) is approximately 4.4 cm long and measures about 3 x 3 cm (weight: 57 g). On the camera back there is a USB port for the cable which comes included with the camera. On the middle front, there is an aperture of about 1 mm in which the small front lens (with AR coating) of the integrated optics assembly is mounted. Furthermore, the camera front comes equipped with a 2.5 cm diameter center-mounted internal screw thread. This screw thread takes the camera tube (weight: 28 g) which when measured from the thread edge is about 3.5 cm long. The inside clearance of this tube is approximately 3.3 cm. Fig. 1b shows the tube mounted to the camera body. The third component is a high-eyepoint ocular for glasses wearers, (magnification 10 x, Field Number 22, Eyetube O.D. 30 mm included) which fits exactly into the aforementioned camera tube without any axial deviation and which can then be affixed with an Allen head screw (Fig. 2). This ocular has 'SWH 10x, MT' embossed on it; it comes from the Japanese manufacturer Meiji Techno Ltd. and can be purchased separately from many suppliers. Originally this ocular was designed as a finder eyepiece for one of Meiji's own microscopes. The eyepiece is designed for magnified, fully-corrected intermediate images and therefore does not function as a compensating eyepiece.

Fig. 1. Camera body. Front view showing screw thread for camera tube and aperture (a). Body with camera tube. View of the aperture and outermost lens (b).

Fig. 2. Camera with attached camera tube and included eyepiece. Arrow: Allen head screw to tighten and loosen the eyepiece.