Software Development Kit (SDK)

tiscamera Camera Library for Ubuntu 18.04 and 22.04 64 Bit on x64 Architecture

Version 0.10.0

Ubuntu 18.04 and 22.04 64 bit installation package for The Imaging Source cameras. Contains tcam-capture camera visualization, GStreamer support and programming samples.

Platform: LinuxLinux
Version: 0.10.0
Released: Nov 2018
Type: DEB
Filesize: 2.8 MB


  • Intel Core i3 or similar
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit


Support for the AFU420

Support for the AFU050

Install routines for tcam-capture


gsttcambin now sends a message on the bus "Working with src caps: %s" about the caps that are selected for the source

gsttcamsrc now forwards error messages and warnings from the backends to the gstreamer log and bus

gsttcamsrc now send a device-lost message on the gst bus when the device is unusable

basic doxygen documentation

Add log level 'TRACE'

make package command to create a deb package

Add support for gsttcamdutils modules

Add support for non 8-bit bayer formats via gsttcamdutils

Add gsttcambiteater module to reduce BGR64 to BGR32

Add exposure-min and gain-min properties to gsttcamautoexposure

Add device-caps property to tcambin to set caps for internal tcamsrc

Add support in firmware-update for 33u and 37U cameras

Add property category "Color Matrix"

Actually make tcam-capture usable

Added property flag is_logarithmic

Added property flag requires_restart

Make gsttcamsrc propagate error and warnings to gstreamer log and bus

gstBuffer memory is now asynchroniously given back to the backend, meaning downstream elements can hold the buffer indefinitely

Aravis backend now sets packet resent to true

Aravis backend now tries to automatically determine the gv packet size

backend libraries moved to subfolders

Increased minimum cmake version to 3.2

Properties that occur multiple time due to firmware behavior are now filtered in the v4l2 backend

gsttcamwhitebalance is now multi-threaded to increase performance for large images

gsttcamautofocus properties now list their category as "Lens"

tcam-ctrl -c now uses gst_caps_to_string internally instead of creating a description itself

Default installation prefix now is /usr/ and not /usr/local

Changed cmake installation variables types to PATH

Segfault when DeviceIndex::get_device_list was called and gige-daemon was not running

gsttcamautoexposure now correctly handles gain/exposure ranges

gsttcamwhitebalance now correctly handles bggr

gsttcamwhitebalance tcam_prop interface now returns the correct values for whitebalance-auto and camera-whitebalance

gsttcamautofocus ROI now behaves correctly

gsttcamautofocus "Auto Focus One Push" has to be triggered only once to actually do something

tcam-ctrl set now handles all property cases

Logger instance now works across library boundaries

removed compile flag that hid warnings, warnings have been fixed Latest Apr 2023 DEB 3.5 MB Jun 2022 DEB 3.3 MB
0.14.0 Jul 2021 DEB 2.8 MB
0.13.1 Feb 2021 DEB 2.8 MB
0.12.0 May 2020 DEB 2.9 MB
0.11.1 May 2019 DEB 2.7 MB