Software Development Kit (SDK)

tiscamera Camera Library for Ubuntu 18.04 and 22.04 64 Bit on x64 Architecture

Version 0.11.1

Ubuntu 18.04 and 22.04 64 bit installation package for The Imaging Source cameras. Contains tcam-capture camera visualization, GStreamer support and programming samples.

Platform: LinuxLinux
Version: 0.11.1
Released: May 2019
Type: DEB
Filesize: 2.7 MB


  • Intel Core i3 or similar
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit


tcam-capture now has a --fullscreen flag parameter to make it start in fullscreen mode.

tcam-capture got a fit-to-view button to resize the display.

tcam-capture got a ROI display and selection capabilities.

Generation of user documentation. Enable with -DBUILD_DOCUMENATION=ON on cmake call.

Auto Iris functionality to gsttcamautoexposure element

AFU050 will have much quicker device lost notification

tcamsrc now adds a GstMeta object to each buffer to transport additional information

Add property drop-incomplete-buffer property to tcamsrc

CAM_GIGE_PACKET_SIZE environment variable recognized

Added gain auto lower limit to usb3 uvc extension unit

Added tcam-uvc-extension-loader as a replacement for uvcdynctrl

Added 12-bit mono support for GigE devices

For more please refer to the changelog.MD in the repository. Latest Apr 2023 DEB 3.5 MB Jun 2022 DEB 3.3 MB
0.14.0 Jul 2021 DEB 2.8 MB
0.13.1 Feb 2021 DEB 2.8 MB
0.12.0 May 2020 DEB 2.9 MB
0.10.0 Nov 2018 DEB 2.8 MB