New Feature in IC Capture

Published on May 23, 2023 by TIS Marketing.

The most recent update to The Imaging Source's image acquisition software, IC Capture 2.5 enables the creation of device state files as they are read by IC Imaging Control's LoadDeviceStatefromFile() function. The device state files allow one or more cameras to be conveniently configured in IC Capture for a given application.

Screen capture: IC Capture GUI

Defining a region of interest (ROI) via mouse click is now particularly easy via IC Capture. The newly generated video format and its position on the camera sensor is then available to the program running IC Imaging Control.

The desired region of interest is selected using the mouse:

Screen capture: Setting a ROI in IC Capture

The selected ROI is now displayed:

Screen capture: ROI now set in IC Capture

The IC Capture File menu has the new menu item Export Device State, which is used to save the new device configuration as XML file.

With icImagingControl1.LoadDeviceStateFromFile("device.xml", true); this configuration can be loaded in a separate C# program:

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Try to load the previously used device. 
        icImagingControl1.LoadDeviceStateFromFile("device.xml", true);
        // Either the xml file does not exist or the device
        // could not be loaded. In both cases we do nothing and proceed.

This "device.xml" file can also be loaded in C++, Python, and the IC LabVIEW Extension.

Click the link if you would like more information or to download IC Capture 2.5.