Save over 50% on Polarization Cameras

Published on May 24, 2023 by TIS Marketing.

Right now, The Imaging Source can offer reduced pricing on 5.1 MP polarization cameras featuring Sony's Polarsens™ 5.1 MP global-shutter CMOS image sensors - while supplies last!

Monochrome USB 3.0 models (DZK 33UX250) and monochrome GigE models (DZK 33GX250) are available with the following tiered pricing:

  • Quantity 1-4: EUR 1092 (USD 1201) per camera (-46.9% off list price)
  • Quantity 5-20: EUR 1026 (USD 1129) per camera (-50.1% off list price)
  • Quantity 21+: EUR 1004 (USD 1105) per camera (-51.2% off list price)

First come, first served: 3-week lead times on in-stock cameras. Orders placed after sale of initial stock may have longer lead times.

Visualization of residual stress (monitor). Standard imaging delivers very little useful visual data (left); Image using AoLP data and HSV color mapping visualizes residual stress (right).

Many materials, such as plastics, glass, and liquids display intrinsic polarization properties. Sony's Polarsens™ 5.1 MP global-shutter CMOS image sensors capture visual data which cannot be obtained using other standard imaging sensors. The sensors' on-chip polarization filters visualize material stress and surface scratches as well as reduce unwanted glare, improve edge detection or to enhance contrast in low-contrast materials.

Please contact us for a price quote or if you need additional information.

Pricing listed here represents a limited-time offer and does not reflect a permanent change in product pricing.